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invented by David Berceli


TRE is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. During stressful experiences the frontal lobes of the cortex are disengaged by the activation of the limbic system and the brain stem. The purpose is to activate our instinctual survival responses. The instinctual brain process saves us during stressors however over time this can have serious health consequences. Over time this neurological separation can lead to continued instinctual behaviors and emotions which can create; impulsive, short- sighted, even violent behavior, increased anxiety, depression, substance abuse and increased stress related diseases. Animals, unlike humans have not repressed their natural ability to discharge excess energy during trauma. They still allow their bodies to shake out the tension of a traumatic experience  and then move on unencumbered with their lives. The tremor mechanism is the natural mechanisms of the body to release deep muscular tension and discharge high levels of chemicals. Benefits can be reduced blood pressure, deep muscle and emotional release and re-establishment of the bio-chemical levels in the body.



First and foremost, coaching is a partnership between the coach and the coachee with the objective of optimizing the personal and professional potential of the coachee. And of course all this within a strictly CONFIDENTIAL framework. The coach and the coachee co-build an agreement on the objectives, the process and the relationship. It is therefore a relationship followed over a defined period that allows the coachee to obtain concrete and measurable results in his professional and personal life.

The role of the coach is to offer an outside perspective as an observer to offer a broader vision of reality and even to change the point of view on reality. The role of the coach is also that of the accompanist to help clarify the thinking of the coachee, to take a step back and to adopt new ways of doing and acting. The coach also takes on the role of facilitator who helps discover the obstacles that prevent progress in creating conditions for development and learning.

both methods are fully adapted for online workshops 

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